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It's been a long weekend for the Mead King crew .. Picking berries, brewing, racking, bottling, landscaping, and last but not least... Chatting and sharing mead with our fabulous followers. But I still have some work to do at home, and I need refreshments! We have been following B. Nektar for years and love what they do! This American Gods apple mead is perfectly refreshing on this hot evening while I finish up some landscaping at the house. Cheers mead lovers! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ...

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One bottle of Strawberry left! ...

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Picking strawberries at the Berry Farmer today ...

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Our mead starts with this amazing spring water that the Stoeckmann family provides public access to, We are deeply thankful to them. ...

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Open Saturday, Sunday AND Monday this holiday weekend. 12-5p. ...

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